A Few Facts about Paul Marciano


Born in Morocco the year 1952, Paul Massey was raised in a Jewish family in the city of Marseilles in France. His family is distinguished within the Jewish culture with three of his muscular line elders being Jewish rabbis; his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Paul Marciano had four siblings, and they dwelt mostly in their lives in a synagogue complex. It is at the age of 15 that his life dramatically changed. He and his friend had a motorcycle accident that happened to be a collision with an oncoming car. He was hospitalized in the diagnosis came out that he will never walk again and he spent tiring several months on a wheelchair. Within a year and a half, Paul Marciano regained the full use of his limbs but was unable to continue his education due to a prolonged period away from school, and he, therefore, went to his native country, Israel.


Maurice Georges Armand famously known as MGA was a family clothing company for the Marcianos. It was quite successful and even hardships in French Riviera. It was during an extended leave in the year 1977 the Marciano brothers went to California, and they saw a great business opportunity in the clothing industry. Learn more here at https://twitter.com/paulmarciano9.


In the year 1981, Paul Marciano together with his brothers founded Guess Inc. of which they sold its 50% stake to the Nakash brothers two years later. This joint venture did not last for long as it was later found out in the court of law that the Nakash brothers lured the Marcianos into the transactions fraudulently. The agreement, later on, resulted in the spirit of the company to the formation of “Diesel” to the Marcianos while the “Gasoline” brand went to the Nakash brothers. This is where the star of Paul Marciano started to shine as he was actively involved as the advertising and public relations officer that eventually graduated to the position of the chief operating officer. In August 2015, Paul Marciano stepped down as the Chief Executive Officer of Guess Inc., but he remained the chief creative officer and maintained the proposed of executive chairman.


Paul Marciano is quite known for his philanthropic works mainly with the Maurice and Paul Marciano Art Foundation that part of the Scottish Rite Temple in the Wilshire Boulevard for a mind beckoning price of $8 million. It is in the vision of the two brothers to transform the place into a private museum with an executive design and architecture ranging up to 90,000 square-feet and four floors. He has also not forgotten his native land Israel as he and his brother Maurice donated in the year 2014 an amount of $5.2 million to the Friends of Israel Defense Forces. You can also learn more tips onart foundation guide, go to https://www.britannica.com/topic/Dia-Art-Foundation.

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